Capital Alliance Critical Condition Benefit


The Critical Condition Benefit is an advance lump sum payment of all or part of the Death Benefit and provides financial protection in the event of certain critical illnesses.

This is an accelerated benefit.

Options available:

Standard coverA claim is payable only once in the event of a traumatic illness

Re-instatement options:

The participating employer can choose no reinstatement or the option of allowing reinstatement when a member survives 31 days after a critical condition incident.

Pre-existing conditions:

  • No claim for a specific traumatic disease shall be paid if a member has suffered      from that disease prior to commencement date.
  • No claim for a specific traumatic disease, which the member suffered within 24      months after the commencement date, shall be admitted if that disease has      been directly or indirectly caused by or can be traced to a disease      condition of which the member had been aware or had experienced symptoms      or for which he/she received medical treatment 12 months prior to  commencement date.
  • Attempted suicide.

For more information and a detailed list of traumatic illnesses and injuries covered by Capital Alliance please contact your Associate or the office.

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