Hollard Conversion Option

  • The conversion option must be exercised within 30 days from the date of withdrawal from the scheme, given the member is actively at work on the last day of service.
  • A HIV test is required and a Cotinine test for non-smokers.
  • Members are covered for 30 days during the option period.
  • Benefit changes can only occur at renewal. Hollard does not allow a mid-term addition of benefits. If included at renewal, this benefit becomes immediately available.
  • Immediately before converting the death benefit to an individual policy, the insured must have been covered under the policy or any previous policy taken out by the employer for a similar benefit for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • This is only available if the scheme has a conversion option.

Maximum age to convert:

  • Group Life Cover: Up to ANB 65
  • Lump Sum Disability: Up to ANB 60 (or five years before maximum cover age)
  • Disability Income benefit: Up to ANB 60 (or five years before maximum cover age)
  • Trauma: Up to ANB 60 (or five years before maximum cover age)

The conversion option is not offered in the following instances:

  • If on leaving the employ of the employer, a member starts working for a new employer that offers similar benefits to those offered under the policy
  • Retires from employment because of ill-health
  • Stops working because of disability
  • If the individual is dismissed from employment because of fraud, theft, dishonesty or misconduct or is retrenched

Should you require more information, please contact your Associate or the office.

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