Group Life Cover

Product: Group Life Cover pays if a member dies.


  • Available till Normal Retirement Age & if selected can be extended (normally to age 70)
  • Can be converted to an Individual Life Policy on retirement or withdrawal (if option selected and criteria met)
  • Educator Cover – pays education fees for dependent children after a member’s death (if option selected) – Variations to be covered later in this series
  • Continuation of Group Life Cover during Disability (if option selected)

Current Maximums:

  • Capital Alliance – 10 x Annual Salary
  • Hollard – 10 x Annual Salary or R25m
  • Old Mutual – 10 x Annual Salary or R50m (applies to the sum of Death and Accident cover)
  • Sanlam – 10 x Annual Salary or R15m (Uncapped on request)

Medical Proof Free Limits:

  • A minimum of 5 members is required for Sanlam, Old Mutual and Capital Alliance. Hollard’s minimum is 10 members. The limits are determined by the profile of the group and the benefit structure requested.

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