Disability Income Benefit

Product: Pays a percentage of a member’s salary on a monthly basis if they are unable to perform their occupation.


  • Flat percentage, Scale & Tax Modified Scale options available
  • Available until the earlier of the Normal Retirement Age and age 65
  • Can be converted to an Individual Life Policy (if option selected and criteria met)
  • Waiting period – 1,3,6 month options available
  • Conversion option is available up until 5 years prior to benefit cessation age
  • Continuation of remaining benefits on disability may be selected
  • Escalation of benefits during disability is available
  • Employer Waiver can pay the Employer’s retirement funding contributions & the remaining risk premiums, if selected, while the employee receives disability benefits

Additional options for this benefit include Disability Income Top-Up, Medical Aid Premium Waiver & Employer Reimbursement Cover – to be covered in next week’s issue.

Disability Income Benefit Maximums:

• Capital Alliance – R 175,000pm (Flat, Scale & Tax Modified Scale) or net of tax income (whichever is the lesser)
• Hollard – R 165,000pm (Flat & Tax Modified Scale) and R 60,000 pm (Scale), restricted to 100% of net salary
• Sanlam – R 190,000pm (Flat, Scale & Tax Modified Scales) or 100% of the member’s average net monthly income before disability (whichever is the lesser)
• Old Mutual – R 230,000pm (Flat, Scale & Tax Modified Scale) (inc. Employer Waiver) or Total post-tax cost to company (whichever is the lesser)

Employer Waiver Maximums

• Capital Alliance – R 50,000pm
• Hollard – R 30,000pm
• Sanlam – R 49,000pm
• Old Mutual – 20% of Monthly Salary (maximum rand amount is R230,000 for the sum of the PHI benefit plus Employer Waiver)

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