Important Reminder – Implementation Essentials

With reference to our previous reminder about quote requirements, if a client wants to accept a quote, the relevant quotes person can be notified and they will have the necessary acceptance forms sent out.

At this time there are a few key tips to help make your implementation experience a simple and efficient one:

  • Quotes are valid for three months from the date on which they are run. If we receive an acceptance form after the quote has expired we will need to check that the rates and proof-free limits are still valid.
  • The acceptance form information requested is essential so it needs to be fully completed and signed off by the relevant authorised person/s.
  • New schemes are implemented from a future date only. Backdating to the 1st of the current month will only be considered if the relevant information is provided timeously and will be subject to the insurer’s approval.
  • Updated member data can be provided with the return of the acceptance forms so that we can ensure the implementation is done on the most up-to-date information.
  • Proof of previous cover (medical underwriting decision letters) needs to be provided for members who are over the medical proof free limit, when we are taking over existing cover.

Once the necessary information is received by TSA we put together an electronic and/or hard copy acceptance pack. This is normally sent to the broker for onward delivery to the client.

Thank you and regards,

The TSA Team

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All information provided is intended to inform and explain, but please remember to always check the current terms on policies when considering options and advising clients.

(Vol. 7 Issue 15)

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