Product Overview Series – Trauma Cover

Product: Pays an amount should the member contract a traumatic illness or suffer a traumatic event.


  • Available until the earlier of the Normal Retirement Age and age 65
  • Accelerates the Group Life Cover (Capital Alliance, Hollard and Old Mutual) or is available as Standalone/Free-standing cover (Hollard and Sanlam)
  • Options available – Standard (Capital Alliance, Hollard, Sanlam and Old Mutual) and Comprehensive (Hollard and Sanlam)
  • Continuation of Trauma Cover during Disability – if option selected (Capital Alliance, Hollard, Old Mutual and Sanlam)
  • Can be converted to an Individual Life Policy (if option selected and criteria met)
  • Conversion option is available 5 years prior to benefit cessation age (Capital Alliance & Hollard), 10 years prior to benefit cessation age (Old Mutual) and up to age 60 (Sanlam)

Current Maximums:

  • Capital Alliance – 3 x annual salary or R3m
  • Hollard – 3 x annual salary or R3m
  • Sanlam – 3 x annual salary or R2.3m
  • Old Mutual – 3 x annual salary or R1.75m

Reinstatement Option, Survival Period and Pre-existing Condition Clause information will follow in next weeks issue.

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(Vol. 7 Issue 23)

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