Key Requirements Series – Acceptances

If a client is ready to accept a quote our acceptances team will need a fully completed acceptance form to start the process.

The acceptance form requests all the key information we need to implement the scheme:

  • Participating employer’s details
  • Brokerage details (and administrator details, if applicable)
  • The rates being accepted, shown in the way the client wishes to pay them (e.g. % of salary or unit rate)
  • Approved or Unapproved benefits detail (for further info – click here)
  • Premium payment details
  • Previous insurer information (if applicable) e.g. if previous cover was in place it will be necessary for us to receive proof of cover (acceptance letters) from the previous insurer.

Once the complete, signed acceptance form is received by TSA we inform all the necessary parties and put an electronic acceptance pack together.

The completed pack is normally emailed to the broker to send on to the client. Should hardcopies be required we arrange these, on request.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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All information provided is intended to inform and explain, but please remember to always check the current terms on policies when considering options and advising clients.

(Vol. 8 Issue 4)

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