Key Requirements Series – Medicals

The medical team’s aim is to do everything possible to get members to accept a correct medical decision as quickly and simply as possible.

The key requirements for this process are:

  • Fully completed details on all medical forms. Blank fields or incomplete information results in delays in underwriting.
  • To be notified when additional medicals have been completed. This is so that the doctor’s payment can be arranged and the completed medicals traced back to the underwriters.
  • To be informed if a member would like a traveling nurse to come to them (i.e. in the cases where there is only pathology and a short medical report required). This is offered by all our insurers for the convenience of the member.  
  • To be informed if a member would like to do tele-underwriting for initial requirements. This is offered by Capital Alliance for the convenience of the member.

Medicals are requested for members whose cover exceeds the proof free limit or previously accepted cover on the scheme. There are different reasons why this might occur:

  • Installation of a new scheme
  • Salary increase
  • Benefit structure changes
  • Change in a member’s category

All requests are actively followed up on and the lead time for underwriting is 10-12 working days. The team stays involved during this process until an underwriting decision is received and communicated.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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(Vol. 8 Issue 6)

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