Useful Quote Reminders

We are always excited to be able to provide you with competitive quotes for you to take to your clients.

For us to get this done for you as efficiently as possible we need the following important information please:

  • Participating employer details (name, industry and region)
  • Full benefit structure (main benefits and rider benefits)
  • Member data (name, ID numbers, gender, salary and category)
  • For schemes of 400 or more members claims experience is also required (ASISA format with the claims list/s).
  • Existing scheme information, if applicable, in the form of a quote, renewal document or monthly statement if possible.
  • Any other important information, if applicable, eg. hazardous occupations, existing claimants, contract worker details.

All this information and the products options are available to download on our easy reference Excel Quote Request Template.

Please contact your Associate or the quotes team ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

Vol. 9 Issue 14

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