Over the past 6 weeks you have been introduced to the 6 stations at the heart of what TSA does as well as the people who make up these teams.

Supporting them are Shanalie ([email protected]) who is responsible for the smooth day to day running of TSA as well as Greg ([email protected] or 082 853 9793), managing director of TSA, who are both based at our offices in Durban.

Regional representation comes in the form of Karen (082 466 8856) in KZN, Gavin (083 675 5235) in the Cape, Sue (072 606 6812) in Pretoria and Aletta (082 452 5961) and Jacqui (083 635 5534) in Johannesburg.

We hope that this series has been helpful in placing the people that you deal with or providing clarity on processes that may be relevant to you.

Next week will see the start of a series dedicated to the products and benefits that we administer and that many of you sell. Please let us know if there are any specifics that you would like to hear about, definitions you would like deciphered or terms that you would like explained and we’ll gladly add them to the list.

Thank you and regards,

The TSA Team

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