After you have closed a deal the first thing you want to do is impress with the installation. If it’s a switch from another insurer you want it to happen without a glitch and if members have to do medicals you want them to get done with the least amount of fuss. Getting a signed application in to an insurer is often followed by a lengthy wait and a lack of urgency.

At TSA, acceptance packs are issued within 72 hours of all requirements being received when a group comes on. This includes the following:

The single biggest delay is in obtaining proof of previous cover. Copies of acceptance letters of members who have been underwritten previously are required because they show the accepted cover as well as the terms, which the new insurer will insist on. Making sure that the acceptance forms are filled in correctly and completely also cuts out unnecessary delays in implementing new groups.

Ntokozo ([email protected]) would love to assist you in making your next installation as smooth and hassle free as possible. If she gets the chance you’ll experience the next reason why employee benefit brokers across South Africa put their trust in TSA.

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The TSA Team

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