Travelling Nurses

We are pleased to let you know that the travelling nurse services, that were suspended due to Covid-19, have resumed with all our Insurers in most areas. A travelling nurse can complete a short medical report and any pathology test. Should the member opt to take up the travelling nurse service we would require the… Read More

Sanlam – Payment of the Death Benefit options

In 2019 Sanlam introduced two options for the payment of the death benefit in order to prevent disputes at claim stage. All Employer groups choose one of the following two options that apply to every claim: Option 1 (the default option) : Claims will be paid to the Insured’s Dependants and/or Nominees as solely decided… Read More

Covid-19 Notices

As we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that you and your family, as well as your businesses, are keeping safe and well.Please take note of the following in the relevant areas in relation to the impact of Covid-19. Premiums We understand that in these financially challenging times, premium obligations may not be met.Some… Read More

Useful Claim Reminders

The purpose of group risk is to have valid claims paid as quickly and as simply as possible. Our claims team is dedicated to making sure this happens but the following are key requirements to help get this done: Timeous notification of claims Fully completed details on all claim forms (blank fields or incomplete information… Read More

Conclusion: Regulatory and Process Changes Series

Over the last 6 weeks, we have sent out a Regulatory and Process Change series via our TSA Connect newsletter. These have provided you with information regarding the regulatory changes in our industry and how they will affect us going forward. All back issues of the TSA Connect can be found on our website blog or you… Read More

Regulatory and Process Changes Series – Non-Payment of Premiums

New regulations (15A of the PPR’s) have made the following up on non-payment of premiums a more formal and inflexible process that we all need to be aware of to ensure cover remains in place with the least amount of time and effort expended. Premiums are due at the end of the month for which… Read More

Important Reminder – Payment of premiums at this time

Firstly, we hope that you enjoyed a blessed and safe Easter weekend. The circumstances in which we find ourselves have highlighted the importance and value of those closest to us and so we hope you managed to enjoy meaningful time with them over the long weekend. The extension of the lockdown is going to make… Read More

Regulatory and Process Changes Series – Data Management

In order for insurers to comply with Rule 13 of the Policyholder Protection Rules, they require certain details of the members they cover on group schemes. We have always received member data on a monthly basis, but the additional requirements are around the insurer being able to communicate with members, should they have to, and… Read More

Regulatory and Process Changes Series – Disclosures

Our first two issues of this Regulatory and Process Change Series have related to new requirements when schemes are installed, specifically talking about identifying and communicating material differences and new FICA requirements. Rule 11 of the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPR’s) relates to disclosures before and during cover though, and it aims to ensure that all… Read More

Important Notice – Payment of premiums at this time

In these financially troubling times, many employers are asking what the requirements are in terms of premium payments for their group risk benefits. They would have seen what some banks have done with “payment holidays” on debt and you may have received requests for something similar on employee benefit contributions, including group risk premiums. After… Read More

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