Key Requirements Series – Reviews

The rates that are accepted initially are annually renewable and so our reviews team perform a reassessment, across insurers, as part of our service to brokers every year: Their main requirement is: Acknowledgment (from the broker or client) that timeous communication of the review details has been made which results in payment of premiums, using… Read More

Key Group Risk Requirements Series – Requotes

Although each group’s structure and rates are reviewed on an annual basis, we understand that the client’s needs also change outside of the review. This team’s key requirements are: Revised structure details Member data in Excel – this is if it’s different to the most recent data on record. The requirements are the member’s full… Read More

Wellness Workout

This year we have upped the intensity from pilates to boot camp/kickboxing style sessions, once a week. This high energy, self-defense focused exercise keeps most coming back for more and provides a perfect release after a day at the desk, as well as some entertainment for our neighbours.

Key Requirements Series – Claims

The purpose of group risk is to have valid claims paid as quickly and as simply as possible. Our claims team is dedicated to making sure this happens but the following are key requirements to help get this done: Timeous notification of claims Fully completed details on all claim forms (blank fields or incomplete information… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Medicals

The medical team’s aim is to do everything possible to get members to accept a correct medical decision as quickly and simply as possible. The key requirements for this process are: Fully completed details on all medical forms. Blank fields or incomplete information results in delays in underwriting. To be notified when additional medicals have… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Scheme Accounts (Process Enhancement)

Following on from our TSA Connect yesterday we will also be making some changes in line with new Policy Holder Protector Rules (PPR 15A) issued under the Long-term Insurance Act. It is now a regulatory requirement by all parties to make clients aware of outstanding premiums and the potential repercussions of this for e.g. claims being… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Scheme Accounts

Monthly maintenance of member data and premiums are handled by our Scheme Accounts team. The key information they need is: Member Data (in Excel Format) i.e. member’s full name(s), gender, dates of birth, ID number, annual and/or monthly salary, category and any other relevant information. For ease of use, you can download our excel member data… Read More

Making a difference with LIV

We are very fortunate to know that the work we do, in turn, also helps TSA to be able to support a family at the LIV village. Visiting our family and helping the kids to celebrate their birthdays is a small way of helping make a difference, both to their lives and ours.

Key Requirements Series – Acceptances

If a client is ready to accept a quote our acceptances team will need a fully completed acceptance form to start the process. The acceptance form requests all the key information we need to implement the scheme: Participating employer’s details Brokerage details (and administrator details, if applicable) The rates being accepted, shown in the way… Read More

5-a-side Soccer Rematch

After the success of our first TSA teams derby, we took the rematch challenge back to the pitch. With a few transfers and some tactical team changes the Blues managed to beat Reds by 14-12 this time. Next team challenge…netball!  

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