Key Requirements Series – Claims

The purpose of group risk is to have valid claims paid as quickly and as simply as possible. Our claims team is dedicated to making sure this happens but the following are key requirements to help get this done: Timeous notification of claims Fully completed details on all claim forms (blank fields or incomplete information… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Medicals

The medical team’s aim is to do everything possible to get members to accept a correct medical decision as quickly and simply as possible. The key requirements for this process are: Fully completed details on all medical forms. Blank fields or incomplete information results in delays in underwriting. To be notified when additional medicals have… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Scheme Accounts (Process Enhancement)

Following on from our TSA Connect yesterday we will also be making some changes in line with new Policy Holder Protector Rules (PPR 15A) issued under the Long-term Insurance Act. It is now a regulatory requirement by all parties to make clients aware of outstanding premiums and the potential repercussions of this for e.g. claims being… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Scheme Accounts

Monthly maintenance of member data and premiums are handled by our Scheme Accounts team. The key information they need is: Member Data (in Excel Format) i.e. member’s full name(s), gender, dates of birth, ID number, annual and/or monthly salary, category and any other relevant information. For ease of use, you can download our excel member data… Read More

Key Requirements Series – Acceptances

If a client is ready to accept a quote our acceptances team will need a fully completed acceptance form to start the process. The acceptance form requests all the key information we need to implement the scheme: Participating employer’s details Brokerage details (and administrator details, if applicable) The rates being accepted, shown in the way… Read More

Key Group Risk Requirements Series – Quotes

Quoting is the first step in the life cycle of a group scheme and to produce up to four quotes for you, we need the following important information: Participating employer details (name, industry and region) Full benefit structure (main benefits and rider benefits) Member data (name, ID numbers, date of birth, gender, salary and category)… Read More

Key Group Risk Requirements Series – Introduction

Our aim at TSA is to make your group risk experience as simple, as valuable and as personal, as possible. To help us help you through each of the stages in the life cycle of a group scheme, over the next eight weeks we will be sending a short series of informative issues. These will… Read More

Welcome Back

We hope that you enjoyed a well-earned break over Christmas and New Year and that you are ready for all that awaits us in 2019. It is no doubt going to be an action-packed and opportunity-filled year and we can’t wait to tackle it head-on with you. Our aim is always to make group risk… Read More

Sanlam – Payment of the Death Benefit options

Sanlam has been advised by their legal department that the current policy wording with regards to the payment of the death benefit may lead to disputes as the decision by the Employer might not be consistent with every claim. In order to prevent such disputes, the Employer must choose only one of the following two… Read More

Sanlam – Acceptance Form Enhancements

Sanlam have advised of some changes to their new business Acceptance Form. These changes are partly to meet with updated compliance requirements and also to provide more clarity around cover being put in place and the parties involved in the process. The changes include the following: Due to changes in legislation, Sanlam is obligated to… Read More

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