Wacky facts about TSA staff

We’ve got a list of wacky facts we bet you didn’t know about TSA staff members!

Candice Naicker attends weekly hip-hop dance classes – a fresh perspective to TSA Finances!

Kristy plans to run the 2012 Comrades Marathon.

Neelam is addicted to art, dance, music and food.

Krishnee and Candice Roe believe they are twins – they both studies Hospitality Management, started at TSA at the same time, both got married on the 19th of June, both love cooking, and both are under the delusion that they can sing!

Natasha is a serial baker.

Margie is a volunteer worker at the SPCA Bargain Hunt on the last Saturday of each month.

Camilla has delivered 500 foals and three calves – so facilitating claim deliveries is a piece of cake!

Sarika intends to start doing Tae-Bo.

Fay used to run marathons and wore pantyhose under her running shorts for a tanned look!

Keren is a piano teacher, and also plays the keyboard and sings.

Joelene and her husband enjoy fishing together.

Candice Thaver just never feels the heat – the theory is that her thermostat broke.

Nirosha has a passion for cars.

Shanalie is married to the Five Roses Tea master.

Ntokozo can move her ears (without using her hands)!

Jenelle loves belly dancing and she also models in her free time.

Meena has a new addition to her family, a beautiful daughter.

Santrica has a Diploma in Theology, and she loves praise and worship.

Francine has been in the insurance industry all of her working life.

Vinolia does fashion designing – she designed a range of children’s clothes for her cousin’s shop in Flanders Mall.

Janine participates in the Mudman triathlons with her daughter Erin.

Carol has run the Two Oceans Marathon twice and plans to run it again soon!

Beauty is a pastor in her church.

What a talented bunch we have!