Disability Income Top-Up Product (Sanlam only) – Pays an additional 25% of a member’s salary for certain causes of disability.

Limited to the lesser of 25% of monthly salary or R 65,000pm.

Medical Aid Premium Waiver Product (Capital Alliance, Hollard and Sanlam) – Pays the medical aid contributions for up to 24 months on successful Income Protection Disability claims.

Capital Alliance – R 8,500pm
Hollard – R 4,800pm
Sanlam – R 3,200pm (Member), R 2,500pm (Spouse), R 1,400pm (Child)

Employer Reimbursement Cover Product (Capital Alliance and Sanlam)
Capital Alliance – Refunds the benefit payment during the waiting period.
Sanlam – Refunds the salary during the waiting period (plus the option of additional 10 or 20%)

Cash4♥Ones (Old Mutual only) – Pays a benefit equal to three times the monthly income replacement benefit on the death of the claimant provided the employer has an existing policy with Old Mutual and provided that a beneficiary nomination form has been submitted to Old Mutual prior to the death.

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