A beneficiary nomination form is a legal declaration, stating an individual’s nominated beneficiaries in the event of death. There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries, as long as the share of benefit for the proceeds totals 100%.

Employers need to remind their employees of the importance of a beneficiary nomination form. These should be updated after any life-changing event, for example, marriage, divorce, new additions to the family. Completed and/or updated nomination forms should be kept with the Human Resources Manager or HR department at the company.

In the past insurers have allowed, in certain instances, claim payments according to an employer’s discretion. However, as regulations tightened up, this will no longer be allowed.

A completed nomination form will in future be vital to ensure a claim is paid to the correct beneficiaries nominated by the member.You can download a copy of the new TSA Nomination form that has been approved for use by all of our insurers HERE.

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