Over the past few weeks we have been discussing some of the core functions at TSA and the ways in which we aim to deliver accurate and efficient results. In order for this to happen, please remember the following:

Premiums and Member Data
It is essential that we receive premiums and complete member data by the 7th of every month. Premiums are required during the entire assessment of a disability claim, until the outcome of the claim is known.

ID numbers
Our requirements in terms of member data are:
• Full Name
• Identity Number*
• Gender
• Annual Risk Salary
• Category

Employer Waiver
Let us know if it includes all necessary costs or if it is just a flat amount.

Annual reviews
3 months prior to a scheme’s review date we run quotes, in order for us to do this as accurately as possible, it is vital we receive the latest member data beforehand.

Benefit Statements
These will only be sent at Review or unless otherwise specified, using the latest data available.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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