Monthly maintenance of member data and premiums are handled by our Scheme Accounts team.

The key information they need is:

  1. Member Data (in Excel Format) i.e. member’s full name(s), gender, dates of birth, ID number, annual and/or monthly salary, category and any other relevant information. For ease of use, you can download our excel member data template
  2. Premiums – paid into the relevant bank account, according to the correct rate/s and with the appropriate reference number used (e.g.SP-0508 or HO-0124).

The above information is used to:

*For Sanlam specific schemes: if Spouses Cover is included in the structure we also require confirmation of marital status (single, married or co-habiting) as well as spouse name and date of birth.

The scheme accounts administrator for each group is noted in the acceptance/review letters and they are happy to help with any scheme related queries.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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(Vol. 8 Issue 5)