Medicals is an area that can make or break a relationship with a client. It is often the decision makers at the company that have to provide medical evidence and so it is critical that things run smoothly. TSA aims to make the process of medical underwriting as easy as possible for brokers, employers and members.

With our dedicated medicals team of Santrica ([email protected]), Meena ([email protected]) and Vinolia ([email protected]) you will have a hands on, proactive and personal experience when it comes to medicals at TSA, regardless of which insurer your client has their cover with.

From an installation these ladies will follow up on medicals that have been requested and should it be picked up that a member has to submit medicals through the monthly member data checking process then it is the medicals team that will request these and then follow up until the process is complete and the member has done all they can to secure their full potential cover.

If you have any questions about a decision that has been made or the medical underwriting process in general then please contact the member of the medical team that has been assigned to your brokerage and clients and she will gladly assist.

Thank you and regards,

The TSA Team

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