Every person insured via TSA is a VIP to us. Although the member data we require may seem like “just another spreadsheet” to some it forms the foundation of everything we do.

To keep everyone smiling we need timeous and accurate member data to be provided on a monthly basis.

A member data schedule should be sent to us, in Excel format, with each premium payment. The member data schedule must show the following for each member every month:

Kindly remind your clients that the member data and premiums for schemes paying via EFT are due to TSA by the 7th of every month.

Schemes that pay via debit order need to submit their member data to TSA by the 22nd of every month, to ensure the correct amounts are processed on a monthly basis. Debit orders are processed four days prior to the 1st working day of every month.

If there’s anything we can do to assist with getting this done please just let us know on 031 561 1044.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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