Once a group comes on there are two things that are required on a monthly basis and this is that a premium is paid and that member data backing up the payment is sent to us. The norm is that premiums and data are submitted monthly in arrears and this means that we are expecting premiums and data from the 1st of the month for the preceding month’s cover.

The later these are submitted the tougher it is for us to check the data and reconcile the premium before payovers on the 25th of the month so please make sure they are with us by no later than the 20th so that we can include the premium in the payover, pay you your fees and the data can be checked for medicals. Receiving accurate and complete data every month is the best way to ensure that medicals are called for timeously and that variances in premium payments are picked up as quickly as possible. Names, dates of birth, genders, salaries and category are all required.

We have a dedicated team waiting to receive your premiums and data and to ensure that payovers run smoothly. Hopefully the only time you hear from them is when they send you your fee statements. In case there is ever a need though, these are the ladies to connect with:

Thank you and regards,

The TSA Team

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