Product Comparison

TSA acts as a group risk “wholesaler” or aggregator, giving intermediaries access to four leading group risk insurers (Sanlam, Old Mutual, Capital Alliance and Hollard) through one simple contact point.

We have been administering group risk benefits for 20 years and today, work with the leading employee benefit advisors in the country who have trusted us with thousands of their clients over the years.

The links below provide a downloadable summarised, easy to read comparison guide between the four insurers we deal with, across the various benefits and in the specific focused areas listed below:

Group Life Cover

Entry and Cessation AgesContract WorkersPre-existing Conditions
Proof Free Limits Grace PeriodsMaximum Benefits
Lump Sum DisabilityAccident CoverSpouses Cover
Educator BenefitExclusionsFlex Cover
Continuation OptionsConversion OptionsBody Repatriation
Temporary AbsenceTerritorial LimitationsTakeover Cover
Termination PeriodClaims
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* This includes information on Lump Sum Disability benefit, Accident Cover, Spouse Group Life Cover and Lump Sum Disability benefits as well as the Educator Benefit which, if selected, fall under the GLA policy.


Disability Income Benefit

Entry and Cessation Ages
Partial disability
Pre-existing Conditions
PHI ScalesContinuation OptionConversion Option
Waiting PeriodEmployer Waiver
Relapse Period
Rehabilitation benefit &
Recovery Bonus
Disability Income Top-Up
Salary Refund Benefit
Total and Temporary Disability
Medical Aid Premium Waiver
Beneficiary Assistance
Premium Waiver
(subject to underwriting)
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* Disability Income Benefit is also known as PHI or Income Protection.


Trauma Cover

Entry and Cessation AgesContract WorkersPre-existing Conditions
Conditions Covered
Grace Periods
Stand-alone / Accelerated
Continuation OptionConversion Option
Reinstatement Option &
Reinstatement Period
Survival Period
Click here to download full Trauma Cover summary
* Trauma Cover is also known as Dread Disease or Critical Illness


Funeral Cover

Entry and Cessation Ages
Maximum Spouses & Children
Continuation Option
Repatriation Benefit
Standalone (Minimum Members)
Extended Family Funeral Cover
Paid-up benefit
Click here to download full Funeral Cover summary...
* Funeral Cover is also known as Family Funeral Cover


All information provided by TSA is intended to inform and explain and whilst the utmost care has been taken in the preparation, please remember to always check the current terms on policies when considering options and advising clients.

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