Product: The purpose of this benefit is to provide a lump sum payment to assist with the funeral costs in the event of the death of an extended family member.

Please note that the extended family funeral benefit is offered on a case by case basis assessed by our insurers.  


Financial dependence means that the extended family member depends on the main member’s income and/or salary for survival. This is important to disclose and if not disclosed it could result in the claim being rejected.

For all insurers, extended family members need to be on cover for a minimum of six months before a claim can be considered.

Full details of each extended family member (full name, ID/DoB, gender and the relationship to the main member) are required on a monthly basis.

Current maximums:

Maximum entry age for Capital Alliance, Hollard and Sanlam  – Age 74.

Maximum exit age for Capital Alliance, Hollard and Sanlam – No maximum exit age for extended family members, whilst main member is insured.

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