Send a quote request to an insurer and you will usually wait 5 working days to get 1 quote back. Send a quote request to TSA ([email protected] or [email protected]) and within 48 hours you will receive up to 4 quotes and a TSA Cost Summary.

To make this happen we just need the following:

With this information, and provided nothing needs to be referred to the insurers, you will have your quotes and cost summary within 48 hours. Experience rated groups (over 200) have to be referred to the insurers. Exceptional risks, e.g. armed security guards or professional sportsmen, as well as exceptional benefit structures may need to be referred to the insurers as well.

The one thing we ask in return is that you let us know how we did on the quotes that we provide. This allows us to gather valuable facts for our insurers and it enables us to make changes where they are needed most to become more valuable to you in future.

Candice and Sarika hope to hear from you soon. Try them and experience the first reason why they’re doing this 100 times a month for brokers around the country.

Thank you and regards,

The TSA Team

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