Income Insurance pays a monthly benefit to a member who becomes totally disabled, regardless of whether the condition is temporary or permanent, until the member recovers, dies or reaches benefit cessation age.

This will apply should a member be continuously and totally prevented from following their regular occupation in the first 24 months of disablement, including the waiting period and thereafter any occupation.

The maximum cover age is the earlier of the normal retirement age or the age of 65.

Waiting period
1, 3 and 6 months are available.

75% (or any other percentage below 75%), based on either a sliding scale or as a flat benefit.

Maximum benefit
R150 000 per month; maximum employer waiver benefit of R33 000 per month
Sliding scale-
75% of the first R 55 000,
60% of the next R 62 000 and
50% of the balance

Pre-Existing Conditions
This benefit is not applicable if the date of commencement of disability occurs within twelve months of entry date and the disability directly or indirectly is a condition of which the member was aware of, and received treatment during the six months prior, to entry date.

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