You hear it often because it’s true, but never before have we seen so much change and such rapid change. TSA is not immune and we too find ourselves facing change – some of it exciting, some of it sad, but all of it valuable because at TSA we value change ,and we embrace it for what it is – which is the path to improvement.

Some internal changes at TSA are the addition of one to the team, the filling of a new position, and the departure of an old face.

Sad to say goodbye

Keren Stevens

After six and a half years of selfless dedication, Keren Stevens will be leaving us at the end of this month to pursue a passion of hers – teaching music. We are obviously sad to say goodbye to Keren and many of you would have worked with her over the years, but we wish her well as she embarks on a new chapter and we know that she will make a difference to the lives of her students as she has done to ours.

Keren’s departure means that we have re-looked at how the Payovers station functions, and the processes in it, and we have restructured it in a way that will hopefully enhance the service that we offer and the difference that you feel when you place a group with TSA.

The search is on for a person who will manage all data at TSA and this person will work closely alongside the four ladies that remain in the Payovers station. We hope that this dedicated role will improve the quality of data that we, as group risk administrators, rely so heavily upon.

Rate sustainability more important than ever

Another new position at TSA is a role that will focus entirely on the proactive management of rates across our pools of business. With the books having grown to almost 50,000 lives and the competitive state of the market we believe that rate sustainability is more important than ever. For this reason we feel the role will be a differentiating factor between our risk offerings and others in the market in years to come, and we are thrilled to be able to draw on the experience and expertise of Carol Murran, who many of you would have worked with over the years. Carol will play an active role in obtaining rates where necessary and also in maintaining rates through efforts to proactively manage the profitability of our risk pools.

The addition of a new member sees Nicky Shepherd joining us and she will be assisting Shanalie and Greg in the day-to-day operations at TSA. Her presence will ensure that the management of TSA remain hands-on and personal, and that they are always available when you or your clients need them.

Improvements in the New Year

Along with these changes and improvements we have also been looking at how other parts of the business are run and you can look forward to improvements in the New Year in other areas, such as greater notice periods on reviews and simplified underwriting processes.

As always, we would appreciate your feedback as we look to innovate and improve our product and service offering. Please speak to your consultant, send Greg an email, or post a comment on our blog. It would be great to hear from you!