Annual Education Fees

Capital Alliance:
Pre-Primary: Public R8 750 or Private R46 020
Primary: Public R18 410 or Private R64 280 High School: Public R20 250 or Private R70 720
Tertiary Institution: Local R42 190 or International $41 850

Pre-Primary: Public or Private R30 000
Primary: Public or Private R60 000
High School: Public or Private R67 000
Tertiary Institution: Local R41 000 or International $49 000

Pre-Primary: Public or Private R27 500
Primary: Public or Private R55 000
High School: Public or Private R70 000
Tertiary Institution: Local R36 000 or International $44 000

Old Mutual:
Not Applicable

Please note that the maximums shown above are the default maximums in each insurers TSA policy. Please do not hesitate, however, to contact us to discuss cover amounts beyond these maximums when required.

Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team

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