TSA Administration | Sanlam

As of the 1st of August 2011, TSA is thrilled to be able to bring you the Sanlam underwritten Universal Education Protection and Medical Aid Premium Waiver Benefits.

Universal Educator

“This powerful benefit is effectively a rider on unapproved group life assurance that covers the cost of educating eligible children in the event of the death of a principal life. The children are covered from pre-primary school right through to the attainment of an undergraduate degree. Private schools are covered where children are already enrolled and in addition to South African universities, the top 20 universities in the world, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are covered.” – Sanlam, Our Solutions

Medical Aid Premium Waiver

“Whilst a 75% income replacement is a sound benefit it nevertheless causes financial strain for the disabled employee in that it results in at least a 25% reduction in income.

The Medical Aid Premium Waiver addresses this by funding the disabled employee’s medical aid premiums for up to 24 months.  In effect this increases the replacement ratio to well in excess of 75% and consequently reduces the financial impact at a time when the employee is most vulnerable.

In the event that an employee is permanently disabled, they then have two full years to prepare for their disability income benefit to be reduced to 75%.” – Sanlam, Our Solutions

TSA’s solutions

The benefits, previously only offered through one distribution channel, will now be available alongside other known and trusted benefits from TSA, and will be backed up by our turnaround times and personal service right from quote stage through to claims.

Product ranges may be finite but through extensive coverage in this area, together with a passion for service, your clients’ level of satisfaction could truly be infinite.