We finally have the official photos of the three recent weddings of TSA staff!

Santrica Naidoo (nee Coopen)

TSA Administration weddings
Santrica and her hubby Lawrence.

Santrica is part of the TSA medicals team and she got married on 21 November 2010. Her hubby’s name is Lawrence.

Santrica also celebrated  5 years of dedicated service to TSA on 27 March 2011! Thanks Santrica, we all look forward to many more years of working together!

After 5 years, TSA staff have their photos placed on our “Wall of Fame” and we’re building up quite a collection!

Krishnee Dilrajh (nee Govender)

Krishnee is part of the TSA reviews team and she got married on 19 February 2011. Her hubby’s name is Nirosh.

Krishnee has been a dedicated TSA staffer for 3 years now.

TSA Administration weddings
Krishnee and her hubby Nirosh.

TSA Administration weddings
Candice and her hubby Bronson.

Candice Roe (nee Eichler)

Candice is part of the TSA quotes team. Her wedding took place on 19 March 2011, and no we’re not aiming for one wedding a month! Candice’s hubby’s name is Bronson.

Candice has also been with TSA for three years and we’re wondering what other events will be happening at the same time for these two staff members! Watch this space!

In the meantime, we wish all our newlyweds many years of married bliss!