The rates that are accepted initially are annually renewable and so our reviews team perform a reassessment, across insurers, as part of our service to brokers every year:

Their main requirement is:

The review details are communicated a minimum of 1 month ahead of the effective review date. The following information is used to determine the details:

The acknowledgment is for receipt of the review letter issued which points out the changes to the existing insurer’s rates and/or proof free limits as well as the alternatives offered by the other insurers, should the structure allow for this.

Accompanying the letter is a summary of potential/accepted covers and new premiums due. The schedule also shows members with outstanding medical requirements, existing claimants or those reaching the Normal Retirement Age in the coming year.

This stage of a scheme’s life cycle ensures that the client continues to receive value for money benefits and it assists the broker in fulfilling their role and obligation to the client.

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The TSA Team

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Vol. 8 Issue 9