Annual member benefit statements and schedules are an important and valuable part of the service we provide. 

We are always looking for areas of improvement whilst at the same time making sure we keep to our aim of making insurance personal. With this in mind we have made some enhancements to our system and the process around these. 

Aside from at implementation, going forward our annual member statements and member schedules will only be issued once the relevant month’s data is received. The date these are required is determined by the company and could be :

* If there is another reason or a specific month’s data the company would prefer their statements to be based on, please let us know. 

The reason for this change is that monthly member data schedules are received in arrears and previously benefit statements (normally issued with advanced notification of an annual review) would be issued on the future structure and rate, however the member details were based on the latest data on record at the time. 

This is obviously not ideal as it means that sometimes the statements are immediately dated or do not reflect the members information accurately. This results in additional requests, duplication of work and wasted time. 

By changing our process we will ensure that any statements issued are indicative of the relevant information available for that month at the time of issue.

Individual member statements for new employees are still available on request. 

Yours sincerely,
The TSA Team

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Vol 8 Issue 13