Sending a quote request to TSA means that you will receive up to 4 quotes with a TSA Cost Summary within 2 working days for standard quotes or 5 – 7 working days for non-standard quotes.
Non-standard quotes include experience rated schemes (more than 400 members), exceptional risks (e.g. armed security guards or professional sportsman) and exceptional benefit structures (e.g. core and flex or spouses pension benefits), which will all have to be referred to the insurers.
In order to run quotes or obtain them from the insurers, we require:
• Company information: Scheme name, industry and geographic location
• Benefit structure: Full benefit structure including all rider benefits
• Member data: Names, ID numbers, genders and salaries
• Category definitions if there is more than one category and these need to be compulsory and not voluntary in nature. By compulsory here, we mean that qualification for a category needs to be based on objective criteria, e.g. “all directors” or “staff that have been at the company for more than 1 year”, and not subjective criteria where members have a choice, e.g. “members that want 3 times annual salary”.
• Claims experience from the existing insurer for schemes with more than 400 members
Our Quotes Team look forward to hearing from you soon so that you can experience the incredible service they offer.
Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team