Every insurer has slightly different implementation requirements but as soon as we receive your signed acceptance form for a new scheme, these will be communicated to you by the TSA Acceptances Team.
Most of the insurers’ implementation process includes the following:
• Fully completed and signed acceptance form
• Broker Mandate and Accreditation – (OM and Hollard)
• FICA documents for the employer
• Proof of previous cover for existing schemes
• Copy of the material differences and proof of its communication to members
Acceptance packs are issued as soon as all the necessary information is finalised with the insurer and these include the following:
• An acceptance letter confirming the inception date, benefit structure, breakdown of costs and proof free limits
• A copy of the accepted quote
• The terms and conditions and policy documents
• Benefit statements for every member
• A beneficiary nomination form for each member to complete for unapproved benefits (including funeral benefits)
Our Acceptances Team would love to assist you in making your next installation as smooth and hassle free as possible.
Thank you and regards,
The TSA Team