Reality Access for SGR

Sanlam has introduced a loyalty program called Reality Access for SGR. Anyone who is a member of a policy underwritten by Sanlam Group Risk (SGR) gets to enjoy the benefits and services of this loyalty programme. Some of the services of this program include, Burial Repatriation & Funeral Support, Emergency Medical Response, Legal Assist, Trauma,… Read More

100km Ultra Trail Drakensberg for LIV Matrics

At the end of April, Greg Smith will be running in the Ultra Trail Drakensberg to help raise support for Matrics from LIV Village.  With so much uncertainty around tertiary education in SA at the moment, and whether our government will even be able to assist those most in need, these young adults deserve a… Read More

Employer Waivers

The worst time to receive surprises related to your group cover is at claims stage, and one of the areas that has thrown up a few surprises is that of employer waivers. An employer waiver is a rider benefit that can be added to income protection. It allows an employer to insure contributions that it… Read More

Requirements for Moving Schemes

The regulatory changes that came into effect last year, as a result of the Policyholder Protection Rules, have affected many aspects of the way we do business. One such important aspect is that when a scheme changes from one insurer to another, certain regulatory requirements must be met with the previous insurer before the scheme… Read More

Important notice – Payment of premiums

The extension of the adjusted levels of lockdown continues to mean tough times for many companies. As a result, we want to remind you that should a scheme need assistance during this time please do let us know. Each of these cases will be reviewed and we will do all we can to assist them…. Read More

Member Data – Spouses

This is a reminder that schemes that have spouses cover should be providing the below information monthly in excel: Main member’s data including full name and surname, ID number, salary, category and contact details Marital status Spouse’s member data including full name and surname and ID number If a passport number is provided (in the… Read More

Welcome Back

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” William E. Vaughan We hope that you enjoyed a lovely and festive break over Christmas and New Year. While 2020 was a tough year and many were happy to bid farewell to… Read More

Rate Review in 2021

There has recently been some confusion as Sanlam has communicated that there has been postponement of risk premium increases from 01 April 2021 to 01 October 2021, however this is only applicable to Sanlam Umbrella Fund (SUF) schemes and not on direct Sanlam Group Risk (SGR) or Sanlam schemes via TSA. TSA scheme reviews will, therefore, continue… Read More

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to wish you and your loved ones a blessed and merry Christmas. We have recorded a message for you and would love for you to watch it here. We look forward to providing a level of service that makes your lives simpler and more enjoyable… Read More

Premium Due Date

This is just a reminder that premiums paid in arrears are due by the 15th of the following month. This ensures we can pay insurers and brokers on the 25th of each month. September premiums are, therefore, due by the 15th of October. Please may you ensure that your clients are paying premiums timeously to… Read More

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